There can be no doubt that I have not been able to cover every possible contingency that might arise in the aftermath of a deadly force, self-defense encounter in the writing of this book. The subject is complex, and very fact-driven.  Different cases will present different challenges.  What I have tried very hard to accomplish is to provide the reader with a basic understanding of those elements of the situation that we can reasonably anticipate will occur, or at least are very likely to occur.

What I believe is abundantly clear is the fact that if you are going to carry a firearm for self-defense, or employ one within your home, you need to spend considerable time preparing not only for a self-defense encounter, but for the aftermath of that encounter as well.  That “aftermath” preparation needs to involve frank discussions with your immediate family, and with the attorney you have chosen to provide you with the legal advice necessary to protect you in the second battle, if that battle should arise.  Trying to accomplish those goals after the fact will prove to be very, very stressful, if not impossible.

Maintaining the emotional and mental discipline to keep your impression of facts and opinions concerning the event to yourself, in the face of all the claims, perceptions, and opinions that may be swirling around you is going to prove to be very challenging.  It is however vital to your success.  Staying calm enough to articulate your reservation of the right to remain silent, until your attorney is with you to advocate for you, will also be very difficult, but it is also extremely important that you do so.  Understanding the investigative and criminal charging process will also relieve a lot of stress if you understand what is happening, or what may happen.  Accepting the very real possibility of civil action, even if you are deemed to have acted appropriately by the criminal authorities is also a very important part of your preparation and  readiness should the event ever arise.

For each of you, I fervently hope that it does not.  No matter the situation, the employment of deadly force in self-defense is a horribly traumatic event for even the most stoic citizen.  It is something that those who are forced to do so will never forget.  I wish for all of you a calm, peaceful, and uneventful life.  If, God forbid, that is not to be the case, I sincerely hope that the words I have written in this book will be of help to you, to your families, and to the attorneys who will stand by your side in surviving the second battle.  The Aftermath.


AFTERMATH – written by jim fleming

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Aftermath insight by someone who knows from experience. In November 2015, speaker Jim Fleming had the opportunity to participate in a week-long "Gun Law Conference" presented by JB Herren at Northwest Safety First. Additional speakers included George Zimmerman and Massad Ayoob. Listen to the ProArms Podcast where Zimmerman is interviewed by Ayoob about the aftermath of a self-defense shooting incident.
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Author – Jim Fleming

Book Topics include:

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   who wrote the book's Forward –

   "Jim Fleming is a voice of experience in

    these matters. You will be wise to buy his

    book, but you'll be wiser still if you totally

    absorb it and commit yourself to act along

    its guidelines."

       – Mas Ayoob of Massad Ayoob Group

• Immediate Aftermath –

        Maintaining Safety and Security

• Contacting Law Enforcement

• Maintaining Crime Scene Integrity

• Contacting Legal Counsel

• Physiological and Psychological Issues

• Dealing With the Police

• Arrest, Custody and Charging

• Dealing With Family, Friends

    and Acquaintances

• Dealing With the Media

• Working With Legal Counsel

• The Criminal Process

• Potential Civil Consequences

As an author, Jim Fleming's broad mix of careers has provided him with both the background and experience to provide some useful guidance to you, an individual who may be called upon to use a weapon in self-defense, at some point in your life. No, it does not answer “all of the questions”.  When have you ever found a single book that did? The chapters are basic, but important topics, that routinely come up in self-defense cases. This reading will create awareness and stimulate your thought processes. The book is not attempting to dispense “legal advice”.  That is a job for your attorney, once you have established an attorney-client relationship with that professional. Cases differ and they are all fact dependent.  Change the facts, you also change the application of the law, at least to some degree.The author, a practicing attorney, provides helpful legal insight to self-defense issues that both the responsible armed citizen and fellow attorneys will find to be valuable information.