Jim Fleming has been a featured speaker for this event for the last 5 years in a row!

The All-Star Gun Conference presenters include:
Jim Fleming, practicing attorney/firearms trainer presents: “Aftermath: Lessons In Self-Defense”

​• Dr. Alexis Artwohl, clinical and police psychologist presents "Altered Perceptions During and After Deadly Force Encounters"

​Jim Fleming and Alexis Artwohl also co-presented scenario-based deadly force training.

​• Dr. William April, a licensed mental health professional with over 20 years of face-to-face experience examining, and dealing with, the dark side of criminal violence presents "Unthinkable...the Fatal Choice"

interview with author, Jim Fleming:

chapter author and contributor:

featured Speaker: Gun Law ConferenceS

In this book, Massad Akoob and the nation's leading experts on personal protection, self-defense and concealed carry deliver authoritative guidance from their areas of expertise and personal experience. Twelve different chapters each written by a different person provides a well rounded perspective on the topics. Available for purchase HERE >>

Author – Jim Fleming

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Author, Jim Fleming wrote Chapter 11: "The Criminal Trial."

Massad Ayoob has edited the book:Straight Talk On Armed Defense – What the Experts Want You To Know. (Published June 2017)

Gila Hayes conducted an interview with the author published in the March 2015 issue of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network online Journal.Read it now!

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